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Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,
If you are anything like I was, you have spent as much as several years trying to answer the following questions :
v Why are most Home Business opportunities unprofitable?
vWhy can’t I find a Home Business that I can get started and see some early and quick success?
v What does it take to make a Home Business successful from the start?
Well, I can tell you right now that when I answer these questions for you below , you’ll be as surprised as you are satisfied, because not only can it be done , it’s both simple and easy !  But more about that in a minute.

Broke And Angry

I have been in this business of Direct Marketing for over 20 years, and I make a Helluva Living at it .  Now.  But that wasn’t always the case.  No, I started much as I suspect you are right now,
Mad as Hell!
Advertising doesn’t have to be as expensive now as it was when I got started.  Back then, once you started your business, you needed to advertise in order to tell people about your business .  And before the internet, in order to advertise, you needed to buy ads or send out direct mailings.  It almost always cost around $3,000 or more.  Now, you were almost guaranteed to have your promotion  viewed by 5,000+ people, but your response rate was only as good as your product, and as good as your sales copy .  Nowadays, you can get in front of people at smaller rates.  You can have your ad viewed by 100 people for about $20.   The price per pair of eyeballs is still about 15-20 cents, but its nice to be able get started with a few bucks for 100 pairs of eyeballs.
Now, this is how most of us used to go out of business back then.   Once we created our business, we might have to spend anywhere from $250 to $3,000 on stock of whatever it was we were selling.  Coins, Books, whatever , plus whatever the Business Opportunity cost us to buy in.
Then, we would buy an ad in a magazine or newspaper.  Magazines were great, but the problem was that you had to wait 3 months before the magazine your ad was in got published.  Then, it all depended on your product and your ad .  If your product was desirable, your ad didn’t have to be that good.  On the other hand, if your product was not something in high demand, your ad had to be Outstanding in order to get any customers.
With direct mail you have the cost of the mailing list, stamps, and promotional materials (flyers, post cards and sales letter). 
Either way, let’s say we’re selling a $25 product .  If the ad you spent $3,000 on was seen by 10,000 people, and converted at 1%, that means 100 orders.  100 orders at $25 each is $2,500 .  So, we’ve made $2,500 in gross profit, but we’re still sitting on a big inventory.  That $2,500 is not enough for us to buy another ad.  So we end up selling our remaining stock at the swap meet, and if we’re lucky, we break even over all.
With direct mail we are spending a little more than $3,000 to reach only 5,000 targeted prospects, and converting at 2%, this means 100 orders.  100 orders at $25 each is $2,500. These results are similar and not much different as above.
And that is how most of our businesses ended.  Broke and Mad as Hell.   That is why Home Businesses are so often unprofitable.


So, I would go back to my day job, and as soon as I had another $4,000 or so saved up, I’d try something else.
Part of the problem was, we would see ourselves as part of the “Coin,” “Book,” or “Investment” industry.  We would use the techniques of people in that industry, just because that is what we were selling.
In reality, we were in a different industry, called Direct Marketing.  It didn’t really matter if we were selling Coins, Books, Investments, or Business Opportunities.  I didn’t realize this during the first few years , and I spent a lot of money on businesses that either just barely made a profit, or closed with a loss.
At this point, I knew that I needed a role model , outside of the instructions that we got with a business opportunity.  I needed a mentor, but I had no idea where to find one.  At one point, I bought a cassette tape sold by Jay Abraham, one of the best known and most successful Direct Marketers.  FYI, Jay is still around, he is still killing it, and if you want to know how to make any business successful, start listening and watching what he has to say.  But I digress.
Jay’s outlook was one of Marketing Strategy, and I learned my most important lesson from him.  Back End Sales can make ANY program profitable .  So you would take your $25 entry product to get people into your list of addresses. Then you would sell them a series of equal-and higher-priced products.  For instance, let’s say we were selling an informational manual, and the $25 product was a starter.  We sold 100, on a $3,000 direct mail buy, for $2,500.  We have lost $500.  
But, we now have a list of 100 BUYERS !  And every time we offer them something, the conversion rate will be between 10% and 30%!! This is a big deal, because I send out an offer for a $75 business opportunity.  10% buy, that’s $750.  I have now made a profit of $250!   I continue to offer something to that list once per month, ranging in price from $25 to $300, each time getting a conversion rate of over 10%.  By the end of a year, my initial direct mail promotion of $3,000 has brought in over $10,000 in profit.
Now imagine that you use that profit to multiply your efforts 5 more times, buy doing larger mailings .  With the same number of eyeballs, the same prices, and the same conversion rates, you now have 500 buyers bringing in $12,500 in first purchases .  Then your backend sales, with everything the same, bring in $75,000 in profit over the year .
Now, we’re Cooking With Gas!!
Okay, this is what we’ve learned so far:
v Why are most Home Business opportunities unprofitable?
o    Because whoever developed the opportunity did not build a set of back end offers that allow you to make a Real Profit!
v Why can’t I find a Home Business that I can get started and see some early and quick success?
o    Because the majority of Home Businesses will still take an upfront loss that most people just can’t afford. I mean really, which of us has $3,000 laying around at the very beginning?  This leads directly into the next question!
v What does it take to make a Home Business successful from the start?
o    Keep reading, because this is the Good Part!
I spent 6 long years BROKE AND MAD AS HELL!   Then 20 years ago I listened to that tape, and I’ve been making money Hand Over Fist, in many different businesses, Ever Since!

That was a great story.  Now, what’s in it for me?

It’s simple.  I’ve created a money generating Business Opportunity for you that INCLUDES EVERTYHING!  Your success won’t be contingent on you luckily listening to the right teacher, if you can even find them.
Your success will be based on following the dots with my “Self Funding” Business Program .
And here is the GREAT NEWS !!   You won’t have to pay $5,000 to buy in.  I couldn’t even charge half that at $2,500.  No , I am going to give you my whole system, the keys to the kingdom, for only a $49.99 buy-in!!!
That’s right .  For the cost of a cheap dinner and movie for two , I am going to give you a Fully Developed Business that you can advertise, and make money with!… All you need to do is follow the instructions!
Here is what you get for your $49.99:
v FREE consultation whenever you need it – just call 856-546-1219.
v A FREE affiliate website that will take your orders, and pay you instantly & automatically!
v On and offline promotional materials written by me and other professional copywriters that are Built to Convert
up to 2 immediate incomes streams, plus an automatic backend income!
v Offline contact information for 100 opportunity buyers that you can market to!
v A few back-end products that you receive big commissions on!
v An automatic residual income stream from customers paying the monthly subscription fee.
v A way for your to make money from this without doing ANYTHING (this may take some time!)
v A business model that works best when you send people to your free website (No computer is necessary)

So, this is how it works.

You buy the “Self Funding” Business Program for $49.99
When, we set up your FREE Affiliate Website , simply follow the instructions that we give you.  Any advertising or promoting you do will send buyers to your own personalized website .  Your FREE new website is Search Engine Optimized so that people can find you, and all the sales copy was written by ME, with my 20+ years of very successful direct marketing!
We offer you both online and offline advertising options.
If you order offline , we will provide you with a master “personalized” copy of the up-front cash generating postcard.  After you have the post card “quality” copied or printed, and you can send them to your FREE address list you get from us.  People that respond will either send you a check, cash or money order!  You can also use the offline methods to direct them to your website and bring them online.
We also provide you with great advertising copy that you can use in the form of a physical sales letter.  Again, with you keeping all the proceeds, except for processing, shipping & handling.
If you market online, you can use those same Headlines and Ad Copy to promote via email, Banner Ads, Solo Ads and Social Media!
All this brings your prospects back to your FREE Affiliate Website where our professionally written sales copy will convert them to buyers.
Each person that buys from your website and pays $49.99 – this goes directly to your pocket!  You can pay yourself out Every Single Day if you want!
Those same people also have the opportunity to get a monthly paid out from a monthly subscription fee.  You will make a Recurring Income from every one of those buyers who remain active.   You will be paid on referrals, and referral of referrals, with our Forced Payout Matrix!
You will be able to capture the mailing addresses and email addresses of all your buyers, so that you can sell them again and again in the future.
As time goes on, we will present you with a few additional offers that you can promote directly to your list.  PLUS, you can come up with your own offers, and those will be 100% Profit to YOU!!

But Now, It’s Time To Make

A Very Important Choice.

You are looking down the barrel of 6 years of Broke And Mad As Hell if you don’t get going today.   You can wait, and read, and hope that by some accident you will stumble across the right person with the right information the way you need to hear it.  Then you have to hope you are part of the 5% of people that will actually use that information like I did!  But that’s a crapshoot if you don’t already understand the business.
OR, you can buy now, pay your $49.99, and get your Free Affiliate Website, Free Marketing Materials, and non-stop FREE step-by-step instructions that take you by the hand and walk you through the process of Making Money With Your New “Self Funding” Business Program !
PS, if you’re afraid it doesn’t work, I’ll take all the risk out of it for you .  If you can show me that you gave this package a real try, but it didn’t work, I’ll gladly refund 100% of the purchase price!

See, you have nothing to lose, and everything to GAIN!!


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